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The autumn harvest is coming! Mechanization helps rice harvest, efficiency UP
2023-11-22 9:12:15

Since spring sowing in 2023, Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, based on regional characteristics, has focused on the two main lines of "food security" and "rural revitalization", actively optimized the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment, made up for the shortcomings of agricultural machinery development, accelerated the mechanization of crop production, and made every effort to promote the construction of Yuanyang's strong agricultural county and agricultural mechanization diversity.

The harvest season, the grain harvest warehouse is full, in the rice fields of Sanhezhai Village, Jiuma Village Committee, Ma Street Township, threshing machine, drone rumbling operation, working back and forth in the field, threshing, threshing, bagging, transportation, in one go, saving a lot of costs for rice harvest.

In April this year, Yuanyang County in Ma Jie Jiu Ma village Committee Sanhezhai village to carry out farming, planting, harvesting mechanization test demonstration, the construction of 100 acres of mountain rice production mechanization technology test demonstration area, the main demonstration of mechanized tillage, UAV fertilization, UAV plant protection, mechanical threshing, UAV short distance transport and mountain monorail transport and other mechanized technology. Through the demonstration and promotion of new agricultural technologies, to provide farmers with technical performance, driving skills, safe operation skills, practical operation and maintenance and other aspects of the technical demonstration, to achieve the "point with surface" role, cultivate more new professional farmers, promote agricultural production scale, standardization, intensification, industrialization.

Ye Bingfeng, head of the agricultural machinery management station of the Agriculture, rural and science and Technology Bureau of Yuanyang County, introduced: "In order to speed up the level of agricultural mechanization in Yuanyang and enhance the comprehensive mechanization rate of farming, planting and harvesting, we implemented the mountain rice production mechanization technology test demonstration project of 100 mu and drone live broadcast of 16 mu in Sanhezhai Village of Jiuma Village Committee of Ma Street Township this year." Through the implementation of this project, the problem of transportation difficulties for local people has been solved, saving both time and labor, and saving labor production costs, so as to achieve the effect of bringing farmers to get rich and helping farmers increase income."

Because Yuanyang County is mostly mountainous, the field is small, the harvester can not enter the operation, at present, the main use of artificial harvest + thresher in situ for rice harvesting. In the mode of transportation, UAV short-distance lifting and mountain track are mainly used for transportation.

In the rice fields, men and women work together, and the rice that has been harvested, threshed and bagged is piled high in the ridge. Outside the paddy fields, drones are transporting rice back and forth, and workers are bringing in measuring tools to conduct measured yields and data analysis. It is understood that the rice varieties planted in the pilot demonstration area this year are Hongyang No. 3 and Dianheyou 615, with an mu yield of 593.86 kg and 606 kg, respectively, and the output is significantly higher than in previous years.

Bai Zhengxiang, villager of Sanhezhai Village of Jiuma Village Committee in Ma Jie Township, said happily: "We planted this new variety this year, honest and convenient, the development of agriculture is fast, our farmers plant new products, and the increase per mu is great." This new variety of product supported by our state is good, and the yield is quite high, and the increase in production is also more than in previous years, one or two bags per field and 100 kilograms per mu."

In recent years, Yuanyang County has actively promoted efficient fertilization and application technology to reduce pollution from pesticides, fertilizers and non-point sources, reverse long-term primitive and extensive planting methods, and ensure food security. At the same time, it carries out the publicity and training of new agricultural mechanization technologies and new machinery, mainly promoting new agricultural machinery technologies and new machinery such as large and medium-sized tractors, small mountain burrowing machines, micro-cultivators, multi-functional farm management machines, soil deep ploughing and deep drilling machines, fruit and vegetable dryers, etc., optimizing the structure of agricultural machinery equipment and promoting the development of agricultural mechanization. The agricultural machinery industry has shown an unprecedented good development trend, the equipment structure has been further optimized, and the mechanization level of agricultural production has been greatly improved.